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Justin Smith

“We were fortunate to buy in the right place” - Justin Smith

Kevin Willenborg

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the best people in the business over the last three decades” 

Steve Glossner

“It was a crush job, and I got it over the phone. I thought, ‘This is a good sign.’ ”

Russell From

“Wine is about telling a story of the vintage. We try to make it taste good. We want to make the best tasting liquid ...

Kevin Sass

“My father said, ‘If baseball doesn’t work out, you could probably get a degree in agriculture.”

Niels Udsen

“It was a leap of faith. We had to earn a living from the get-go,” Udsen said. “Our monthly budget was measured by ho...

Doug Kruse

A few romantic visits later and they packed up and moved onto a ranch on Jack Creek Road in Templeton, planted 40 acr...

Stephy Terrizzi

“We’re a good team. That’s crucial when you’re running a family winery.”

Steve Lock

"A cozy, intimate place in the middle of the barrel room, it’s the perfect reflection of its owners, a gracious and e...

Vailia From

"In 2007, with that Wild West spirit burning brightly, From set up camp in a trailer in one of the vineyards where sh...

Bob Tillman

At a wine tasting that happened so long ago he can’t remember where it was, Tillman had an epiphany. He found himself...

Matt Trevisan

“Nobody would give me any credit, so I had to pay cash up front for everything. I was living on friends’ couches.”
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