The Winemakers of Paso Robles (2017) Hardcover

The Winemakers of Paso Robles (2017) Hardcover

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The most ambitious, exciting winemakers in the world aren’t coming from Europe, or even Napa Valley. The focus of the wine world has turned to a former cow town that is now making the most coveted wines in the world: Paso Robles, California.

 "The Winemakers of Paso Robles", a large format, full-color book, lovingly crafted and designed to take you beyond the cellar door, deep into the art and science of making the finest wines in the world, and celebrating the men and women who dedicate their lives in this California region to the pursuit of liquid perfection.

Through 328 pages, with hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs and months of penetrating interviews, this journey into the world of Paso Robles winemaking provides an intimate glimpse into the passionate lives and unbelievable stories of the people behind Paso’s vibrant wine community – whose vision, talent and audacity have helped make it one of the world’s most exciting wine regions.


  • Hardcover: De-bossed Linen 
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  • 328 full-color pages
  • French-fold jacket 
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An accidental meeting, a change of circumstances, an influential person or even a bolt from the blue in the middle of the night. Everyone has their own path that led them to a life of winemaking - a balance of art and science, physically demanding and mentally strenuous - lives of passion, and pursuit, and struggle.

To a winemaker, every vintage is its own discrete labor of love. A game of 3-dimensional chess against the elements, coaxing the perfect balance from the sun, the soil, rain and vine. If they get any one of a thousand decisions wrong, the vintage can be ruined and they have to wait another year to try again. But get it just right, and they’ve created magic in a glass.

Interior Pages - Stephan Asseo
Interior Pages - Stephan Asseo

In these pages you will meet a group of fascinating, passionate people, with amazing diversity. Athletes and scientists, writers and engineers, successful businessmen and scrappy service workers. There are journeymen from every corner of the country, and even legendary wine regions of the old world. And of course there are local kids done good. There are seasoned pros and relative neophytes - and several on their second, or even third career. Many overcame tremendous adversity. All have made enormous sacrifices and risked everything.

They have come from different places and circumstances, they have different methods and experiences and philosophies. But they all share a single quality: a burning obsession to make wine that lives up to their dreams.


Each of the following subjects is profiled in detail in the book. Learn their stories and see them at work making some of the best wines in the world:

• Adelaida Vineyards & Winery : Jeremy Weintraub 

• Alta Colina : Bob Tillman 

• AmByth Estate : Phillip Hart 

• Anarchy Wines : Christian Tietje

• Anglim Winery : Stephen Anglim

• Booker Wines : Eric Jensen 

• Castoro Cellars : Niels Udsen

• Chateau Margene : Michael Mooney

• Chronic Cellars : Josh Beckett 

• Clos Solène : Guilaume Fabre

• Daou Vineyards : Daniel & Georges Daou

• Denner Vineyards : Anthony Yount

• Desparada Wines : Vailia From 

• Eberle Winery : Gary Eberle

• Écluse Wines : Steve Lock

• Epoch Estate Wines : Jordan Fiorentini & Bill Armstrong

• Field Recordings : Andrew Jones

• Giornata & Broadside : Brian & Stephanie Terrizzi

• Halter Ranch : Kevin Sass & Hansjörg Wyss

• Herman Story Wines : Russell From

• J. Dusi Wines : Janell Dusi

• J. Lohr Vineyards & Winery : Steve Peck & Jerry Lohr

• Jack Creek Cellars : Doug Kruse

• Jada Vineyard : David Galzignata & Jack Messina

• Justin Winery : Scott Shirley & Justin Baldwin

• L’Aventure Winery : Stephan Asseo

• Law Estate Wines : Don Law

• Le Cuvier Winery : John Munch

• Linne Calodo Cellars : Matt Trevisan 

• Lone Madrone : Neil Collins 

• Niner Wines Estates : Andy Niner

• Onx Wines : Brian Brown 

• Paso Port Wine : Steve Glossner

• Peachy Canyon Winery : Doug Beckett

• Ranchero Cellars : Amy Butler

• Saxum Vineyards : Justin Smith 

• Tablas Creek Winery : Jason Haas

• TH Estate Wines : Terry Hoage

• Tobin James Cellars : Tobin James

• Torrin Vineyard : Scott Hawley

• Victor Hugo Winery : Vic Roberts

• Villa Creek Cellars : Cris Cherry 

• Villicana Winery : Alex Villacana

• Vina Robles Vineyards & Winery : Kevin Willenborg & Hans Nef

• Windward Vineyard : Marc Goldberg

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