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An impressive piece of work and a wonderful portrait of the personalities behind one of California's distinctive wine regions. And how fitting that like the wines, the book is big, bold, and vibrant.

Alder Yarrow, V I N O G R A P H Y

The world's sexiest book about wine. This book is simply beautiful! You don't need to be an oenephile to be pulled into the story of this region, the wines the are made there, and the remarkable men and women who make them. It's very informative, and the photography is captivating and sensual. Every time I walk into the living room someone has it in their lap.

Jeff Gray, Amazon Customer

A great gift for any wine lover. This book beautifully captures the passionate stories of the winemakers of Paso Robles. Absolutely stunning photos! Feels like a VIP behind-the-scenes tour to meet each one personally. Love it. A great gift for any wine lover.

Jennifer K. Amazon Customer